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Name:100x100 Brushes!
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:By and large, a portal for makers and users of 100x100 brushes to share and seek.
Welcome to 100x100_brushes, a community for those icon sized brushes we all love so much. Brushes for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and any other graphics program you can think of are welcome here. You can post non 100x100 brushes here. While the focus is on icon sized brushes, brushes of any size can be useful in icon making.

Since this community is only for posting brushes, brush makers are the only ones who will be given posting access. If you are a brush maker and want posting access, follow the instructions in this post.

1. This community is only for posting brushes.
If your post does not contain a set of brushes that you made, it will be deleted. This is the most important rule in the community. There are no exceptions to this rule and yes, I do mean you. Any post that doesn't contain a brush file (.abr for photoshop and .jbr for paint shop pro) will be deleted on sight.

2. This community is not for posting questions, tutorials, textures, patterns, bases, templates or anything that isn't a brush.
You can include these things in a brush post but your post must contain a brush set. Posts breaking this rule will be deleted.

3. Image packs are always welcome but you must include a brush set with your image pack.
If you make an image pack for a set you’ve already posted, edit the original post to include your image pack. Posts only containing image packs will be deleted. *An "image pack" is just a zipped folder of all the images used to make the brush set.

4. Don’t post your brushes using links or any other file sharing service that expires after a set number of days.
YouSendIt links expire in seven days and this will create a post without a brush file. This breaks rule #1 and will create a problem in the memories archive. A list of places that offer free file hosting is a little further down on this page. Post with brushes hosted by YouSendIt will be deleted.

5. Preview larger than 400 px wide should be put under a cut.
You will receive a verbal warning if you break this rule.

6. Only post one one preview image outside a cut.
All subsequent preview images must be placed under a cut if you are posting more than one set at a time. You will receive a verbal warning if you break this rule.

7. Don’t post more than once in a day.
If you have more than one set to post, put all of them in a single post. You will receive a verbal warning if breaking this rule becomes a habit.

8. In the subject line of your posts, give discription of your brushes and the program(s) they were made for.
Like this: “Grunge border brushes (PS7,image pack)”

9. It's a good idea to include your username in the file name of your brushes.
That way people will remember who to credit.

If I delete one of your posts, that is a clear warning that you are breaking the rules. Read the userinfo again and it should become clear which rule you broke. If am forced to delete two of your post, your posting access will be taken away. To get posting access back, read the userinfo again and then reapply. If you continue to break the rules after that, you will not be given posting access back again.

This community is the sister community of 100x100_brushes in LiveJournal, and they are owned and maintained by the same person.

Places to host your brush files for free:
Deviant Art
The File Bin
Site Sled

Some brush makers will include an "image pack" for people who don't use the brush set's default program. This is just a zipped folder of all the images used to make the brush set. To use these, unzip and load all of the images into your graphics program and follow one of the above links to learn how to turn the images into brushes.

Community created and moderated by self-referential.
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